Tape Review: Daddies’ s/t




(King Pizza Records)

It’s very, very difficult these days to differentiate yourself as a garage punk band, but on their debut self-titled EP, New Jersey’s Daddies do a real solid job of it within the span its four high-octane, shout-along bangers. Stylistically, Daddies could be compared to many predecessors and contemporaries, but a blend that comes to mind is that of Seth Bogart aka. Hunx’s glamour and theatrics, with gang vocals, hand claps, and dramatic lyricism revolving around infatuation and mortality, and No Passion All Technique-era Protomartyr’s deep, brooding vocal tone, driving forward momentum, as well as tightness and musculature (maybe Hunx and His Punx: Bear Edition?). What results is a set of wild, powerful, colorful, distinct, and immediately infectious rock ‘n roll tunes sure to liven up any party. Of particular note is “Heart”, a pure burst of raw energy with a bubblegum hook so sticky and with such blatant self-awareness of it that it borders on cheeky self-parody, with “I WANNA WORK MY WAY INTO YOUR HEART” working its way into your heart and head so completely the highest-grade putty knife could never remove it. At the risk of sounding corny, these Daddies got the sugar, so shove this in your deck for a sugar rush.


Favorite track: “Heart”


Rating: Recommended


You can purchase Daddies’ s/t EP here or here.

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