Tape Review: Period Bomb’s ‘Lost and Found’

Period Bomb

Lost and Found

(Already Dead Tapes & Records)

Period Bomb’s Lost and Found is a demo tape, except it’s not. Everything is rough, odd, almost skit-like, and yet fits together perfectly in a fully realized form, much like a patchwork quilt (perhaps battered with a few unseemly stains on it). Whether by design or not, you could call it a loose concept album about demos, much like The Residents’ Commercial Album is a loose concept album about pop music.

There are no perfect comparisons that can be made between Lost and Found and other albums, but Commercial Album is better than many. Much in the way that album took the core structural ‘requirements’ for radio-friendly music and warped them into a near unrecognizable form, Lost and Found takes the vague defining characteristics of demos and warps them into almost the opposite: while a demo is often an under-cooked sales pitch for what could be, this is an over-cooked statement on what will never be. Artistically, nothing feels ‘demo’ about this, it’s simply the form it takes. Voicemails about period blood and smelly vans, brief musical thoughts cut off before they’re allowed to meander too long, clips of the band literally ‘taking the piss’, weirdo superstar cameos from R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink, as well as a handful of more ‘fully formed’ art punk tracks such as “222” and “Rot w/ U”, all work together to conceptually encapsulate the iconoclastic D.I.Y. ethic. Lost and Found as a title may represent the idea that these recordings didn’t have a home, but now have found a home in each other. On a deeper level, however, thinking about the lost and found, it’s where misfits are put in a box. When you sort through the lost and found, you’re unboxing these misfits. In this case, misfit ideas. In that sense, Lost and Found serves as an unboxing of the ideas some might restrict or dilute, in the hopes that you’ll find something interesting and well-loved to take home and to heart.

It’s not an immediate listen: there’s a lot to sift through and the traditional sense of polish is not to be found here. If you’re willing to put in the work, however, look past the scuffs and dirt (or better yet, appreciate and embrace them), there’s a treasure trove of cool stuff to be unearthed.


Favorite tracks: “Status Quo”, “Rot w/ U”


Rating: Strongly Recommended


You can purchase Period Bomb’s Lost and Found here.

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