Track Premiere: Multidimensional’s “Like a Million Sounds”

It’s not every day that a site not only gets to premiere a brand new track, but the first track ever from a brand new project. Such is our honor today as we share with you Multidimensional’s debut single, “Like a Million Sounds”.


Character portrait of Multidimensional: Ismael González Trujillo (left) and Francisco Pérez Liébana (right)

Multidimensional are Ismael González Trujillo and Francisco Pérez Liébana, a progressive psychedelic pop duo that serves as an extension and evolution of Trujillo’s solo Unidimensional project. The impact of collaboration is immediately felt on “Like a Million Sounds”, a song more grandiose, propulsive, and ambitious than any he’s done before. The song opens with some warbling, isolated synths quickly joined by a loud, stomping drum before erupting into a geyser of vibrant, juicy, brightly colored arpeggio synths and chiming acoustic guitar while a brooding Floyd-esque bassline quietly skulks about in the background. In contrast to the sunny tone, the vocals that rise and float above the song like a storm cloud paint a darker picture: “Sitting on park bench / A feeling of despair / Like a hurricane / Of voices in my head”.

These lyrics hint at a narrator that has been nervously crippled by the mortal world, and can find solace and peace only by means of ascension. Around the two minute mark, the rainbow of sound dissipates to give way to a lonely guitar solo, immediately followed by a brief ambient/space rock section. Does this represent the Rapture? A UFO? Whatever it may be, it slowly lifts Multidimensional from the earthly plane towards a new one beyond the atmosphere, where the despair, the anxiety, and the voices cannot reach them.


You can listen to “Like a Million Sounds” below:


Multidimensional’s “Like a Million Sounds” is available to purchase here right now, and the duo are currently working on more songs. Be sure to follow Unidimensional / Multidimensional on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp (here for Uni, here for Multi), and SoundCloud for updates on their future work.

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