Party Hardly Write About Rats, Want to Play Your Living Room for Booze, and Have Conquered Their Nightmares

Leeds’ Tom Barr, Lachlan Banner, Matt Pownall, and Stanley Braddock are Party Hardly, a modern Britpop / indie rock group on the come-up, having supported acts including The Magic Gang and Trudy and the Romance and gained BBC 6 Music airplay. We asked the band some questions regarding their newest single, their influences, their progression, and their future plans in anticipation of the release of their second EP, ‘Modern Strife Is Snobbish’.


COUNTERZINE: How are you today?


Party Hardly: Not too bad boss, not too bad.


CZ: Tell us a little about yourselves.


PH: Four-piece from Leeds making tunes about rats and football.


party hardly
Party Hardly playing The Peer Hat in Manchester (February 8, 2019)


CZ: Your new single “The Hopskotch Man” recently premiered over on The Line Of Best Fit and has quite the inspiration behind it. Could you tell us a little about that, how it impacted the band, and how you resolved to turn a negative into a positive?


PH: Following our guitarist’s surgery, it made band life difficult as for about a month after, Matt needed a chair on stage to perform which somewhat took away from the rock ’n’ roll vibe, but we got got to play the sympathy card. Win some you lose some.



CZ: We’re hearing a lot of Lou Reed / Velvet Underground-like seediness in this song, which is something of a departure from last year’s EP Cycle of Life, which was comparatively bright and breezy in its tone. Is this indicative a new general direction on your upcoming EP Modern Strife Is Snobbish?


PH: Yeah, we’d say so. Our sound is constantly developing with there being a difference between the two EPs. More seediness the better, we say.



CZ: What and who would you say are some of your foremost musical influences?


PH: Blur and Velvet Underground plus a bit of lo-fi rock here and there.


CZ: You’ve had some pretty cool videos done in support of your music in the past (we particularly enjoyed the one for “Terry Shure”). Can we look forward to more videos in support of Modern Strife Is Snobbish?


PH: Yeah, we will have new videos coming out very soon. We feel videography really enhances our music and breathes new aspects into the music we might not have personally seen ourselves.



CZ: Are there plans to tour in support of the upcoming EP? If so, where and when might people hope to catch a show?


PH: Touring and playing live is what we love to do, so we’ll be looking to tour after summer and will cover all the usual haunts. Will also play in people’s living room in return for a place to crash and beer.



CZ: What was your favorite artist or band that you’ve gigged with during your tenure as a band so far?


PH: Always enjoy playing with the Honey Moon boys and recently played with Leeds band Van Houten. Worth checking out.




CZ: If there was just one thing you wanted everyone to know about Party Hardly, what would it be?


PH: That our guitarist now sleeps like a baby.


Party Hardly’s upcoming EP ‘Modern Strife Is Snobbish’ is set to release July 26th on Healthy Eating Records and can be pre-saved on Apple Music and Spotify right now. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud to keep up-to-date as they approach release and beyond.

(Header photo credit: Donald Braddock)

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