Album Auto-nalysis: Petridisch’s ‘Blue Event’

Album Auto-nalysis is a regular Counterzine feature where we ask some of our favorite artists to breakdown their albums track-by-track, to provide further insight into the thoughts, feelings, and artistic processes that went into making them. For this edition, we asked experimental electronic artist Thor Maillet aka Petridisch to detail their album ‘Blue Event’.


Thor Maillet aka Petridisch


1. “Blue Event I”


Thor Maillet/Petridisch: All spirals and spools of tape body-sensation. More specifically, when you just feel like a magnetized vessel for everything and everyone around you: absorbing, spitting out, reflecting, distorting various emotions and ideas. That can be claustrophobic when it’s repetitive and out of control! Again, back to the idea of spooling tape, which maybe was manifested in the string glissando repetition. Dark brain nonsense. The sample at the end is from the 1988 film My Stepmother is An Alien and to clear any confusion the characters say:

“And now you want to have sex!?”

“Have sex?”

“Don’t you?”

“Do you?”


“Oh, me too, as soon as I find out what it is.”

(P.S., the ‘guitar’ ‘solo’ after the chorus is totally inspired by the peerless ‘guitar’ ‘solos’ of Cosey Fanni Tutti, was surprised to find *THAT SOUND* in my travels with synthesis.)



which leads to…..


2. “Blue Event II”


Petridisch: Ahh! The sex song! The end sample from the previous song kind of totally sets this one up. I blatantly wanted it to sound like a come-on, but since sex is maybe a little part of my sphere, it sounds like an alternate seduction of sorts (to me). This could very well be a song for lots and lots of real bonafide sex somewhere, or just as easily the more common predicament of an absence of it. Not exactly mournful though! (lols)



3. “Blue Event III”


Petridisch: Actually a song dating back to 2016 called “Don’t Think”, I remixed and re-recorded some parts and added new arrangements here and there. Maybe really simple for me in meaning. It’s a very ‘current’ headspace. All the gross things that are happening now: ugly manifestations of greed, power, and general lack of thinking; the way it makes me kind of choke up and feel a bit helpless, definitely screaming into the void. That’s this one.



4. “Blue Event IV”


Petridisch: One of two ‘radar songs’ on the EP. Real slick newly designed machines scanning for foreign bodies, well, in the body. Not exactly *medical* but…. Analog and digital meet, it’s the latest technology with yesterday’s knowledge! Also having to move quick cause damn that radar is really, really good at finding your lodged weirdnesses, and it doesn’t feel that great to get that stuff removed, though it’s necessary…



5. “Blue Event V”


Petridisch: This one feels like both being extremely hungry and not having any desire to eat, at the same time. It’s lost. When your body is telling you that the very act of eating food is bad for you, but you’re dreaming of tiramisu and tres leches. This feeling goes on until the sample hits, from the 1980’s television sitcom Rags to Riches. This is the episode where it’s Christmastime in Bel Air, and the evil social worker is going to take the adopted children away from the wealthy new dad because, well, he’s not fit being a wealthy new dad! (TERRIBLE!!!!! UGHHHHHHH!!! ***FACEPALM***) Anyhow, being a sitcom the situation actually ends up turning out OK – the now newly transformed GOOD AND FUN social worker tells the new dad after a rousing evening of singing with the kids—

“You’re a very lucky man”

He says, “That’s for sure”

This is where it gets good.

“By the way, I want you to meet a friend of mine: Mr. Tuttle.”

(“Mr. Tuttle” steps in)


The social worker says “hello” in THE MOST RANDY WAY SHE CAN UTTER.



6. “Blue Event VI”


Petridisch: Final song in the event, one of the last recorded to feature the old Farfisa patch (and Vocaloid, for that matter). Another radar song for sure, though this one isn’t finding weird matter but more radars that detect and bring out natural senses of peace. For me it has a totally different feel than the rest. Resolution and calm. Perhaps a smidgeon of sleepwalking and sleepeating? Yes, that is Vocaloid Megurine Luka on the pipes. This one is also cool to me because it features a rad choir part by Cryostasium, my twin brother and artist in his own right who I used to be in bands with. In that way too it all comes full circle. Peace and literal brotherhood! (haha). The last thing you hear on this is also from “Rags to Riches”, a none too veiled, but very weird pick-up scene:

Eli Tuttle: “You ever seen snow before?”

Social worker: “Are you kidding? I’m from Minnesota!”

Eli Tuttle: “Minnesota?! HUH! I’LL BE! HUH!”

It could only end this way.




Originally released digitally through Infinite Sync Studios in March, ‘Blue Event’ is now available on lathe cut in a limited edition of 10 copies, as seen below.

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You can also watch the visual album version of ‘Blue Event’ via Vapor Memory:


You can purchase Petridisch’s ‘Blue Event’ here. Be sure to follow them on all of their social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

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