The Five Most Lovely Poems From a poem for ur song!

In the war-torn landscape that is independent music coverage, we can appreciate just how difficult it is to distinguish yourself. You need to find your voice, but not let it dominate the subjects of your coverage, all the while contending with a myriad of artists who, for the love of god, just want someone to say something about what they’re doing. What often results is coverage that goes high volume-low quality, involving massive lists with no voice where the sheer amount of content is daunting and the writing isn’t nearly captivating enough, or, coverage that is too personal: think unrelated anecdotes mixed with largely meaningless word salad.

That’s why we appreciate it when someone really gets it.

a poem for ur song! isn’t quite a website or a webzine or a blog: it’s a Twitter account. However, it goes beyond simply posting links or playlists. Instead it, as you may have already guessed, writes poems, with each one focused on a single song. They’re evocative, but not overly showy: every word in service to painting a clear picture of the subject song. a poem for ur song! has an incredibly clear identity, but their coverage still manages to be about the art, while also being art itself. It feels like an evolution of the SMALL ALBUMS formula: more thorough and focused, but similarly unconventional and compelling.

We want more of this type of coverage permeating the internet, so we’re sharing our five favorite poems from a poem for ur song! so far. These are coverage in and of themselves, and so aside from this intro and the songs that inspired said poems, we’ll let them speak for themselves.


1. boogie (Inspired by Shormey’s “Boogie Island”)



2. exhale (Inspired by Katie Dey’s “Dissolving”)



3. past summers / visions (Inspired by Earth Dad’s “Eliza Sings the Dream”)



4. (i wanna keep) yr dog (Inspired by illuminati hotties’ “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog”)



5. soft end (Inspired by Fiasco’s “Soft End”)



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