Album Review: Jo Bled’s ‘The Tip of My Spirit Cuts Through Everything’

Jo Bled

The Tip of My Spirit Cuts Through Everything

(Muteant Sounds)

Jo Bled’s The Tip of My Spirit Cuts Through Everything begins with a faraway broadcast of a television interview with Milwaukee serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, then builds rapidly into a dizzying and intense blur of frantic drumming and waves of noise. The reverberated clamor of Jay Blanchard’s live electronics often rings out like guitar feedback and at other times sputters like the roar of an engine, while drummer JB Ledoux goes on an array of freeform improvisations behind the kit.

Made up of a singular title track that clocks in just past the twenty minute mark, the sound quality throughout is almost as raw and untouched as it gets, with noise and percussion bleeding into each other while the occasional yelling permeates the mix, and it’s often hard to tell whether its audience participation or the performers shouting. Three minutes in and things slow down for a gradual, psychedelic build up, the drums beating away with brutal abandon for another five minutes before stopping to let the noise ring out. The respite is brief and the duo continue to play off one another without repetitive melodic or rhythmic fixture. The result is numbing and captivating to listen to, provoking an ovation from the audience. Although there are times when the production suffers a bit from its rawness, this recording encapsulates a spirited performance and moment in time, making for a stimulating listening experience.


Favorite track: Listen to as a whole (album is one track)


Rating: Recommended


You can purchase Jo Bled’s The Tip of My Spirit Cuts Through Everything here.


Dharnyk is a self-confessed ‘grunge and kosmiche music stan’ who also composes electronic music under the name Pink and Yellow. He lives in the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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