Video Premiere: Bloom de Wilde’s “Soul Siren”

It’s Monday morning, and what better way to start your day and week than with a nutritious breakfast with the universe? Today we’re thrilled to premiere the brand new music video for “Soul Siren”, the latest single from London-based singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist Bloom de Wilde.

Directed by Bloom de Wilde alongside Kai Noboku, the video stars a jovial de Wilde making her way down the stairs in mask and pajamas to fix breakfast. As she opens her refrigerator for the first time, we see that rather than being stocked with traditional breakfast foods, it is instead a portal in the form of a collage from which an arm extends and hands her various craft or eccentric versions of food: first a drawn and colored-in faux milk carton; next, an egg that when cracked spawns not an egg, but a miniature cat; and finally, a bag representing cereal that’s instead filled with what appears to be felt, in an assortment of colors and shapes. The fourth time de Wilde goes to the fridge, a being rolls out, implied to be the one who was handing her the ingredients. She is also de Wilde, but also a personification of the universe and the “soul siren”: a representation of what stirs inspiration within her. This de Wilde, in contrast with the first, is muted: while the pajama-clad one beams and belts out the song, the soul siren never sings or speaks and while expressive is far more subtle and subdued. Her main method of communication is the art inside her, in a very literal way. Images flicker through her body via kaleidoscopic green screen. To extrapolate upon the meaning, we believe the two de Wilde’s to be symbolic of her synesthesia in addition the soul siren representing inspiration and art. The first de Wilde communicates through the direct, auditory aspects of song while the soul siren responds with images. This is likely indicative of her creative process as sounds and images feed into each other. Together, they enjoy an unorthodox meal (some of our favorite moments including the stop-motion sequence of the spinning bowl and the soul siren biting into her plate) while over time seemingly gaining greater understanding of each other.


The soul siren (cosmic pattern), as seen in the video for “Soul Siren” (directed by Bloom de Wilde & Kai Nobuko)


Bloom de Wilde on the song and creative process:

“Soul Siren is a love letter to the Universe. Or as Plato would put it: “this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence… a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related”. The song was first conceived at a live gig, as a spontaneous improvisation, simply enjoying the flow of creative revelation. Luckily my friend recorded it, and I started working on it; whilst doing the dishes, whilst walking in the woods with my child, whilst travelling to gigs. When it was ready, we recorded it live; drums, vocals and rhodes, but then I started to hear all this other stuff. Trumpets, of course. Some kora, singing cats, and trees whispering their joyful secrets. “Here we are and we and everything in this world has a Soul and you are our Soul Siren”. So of course, I could only comply.”



“Soul Siren” is set for official release on July 8 and can be pre-ordered via Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, and Google Play. Be sure to follow Bloom de Wilde on all of her social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud for further news and updates.

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