Video Premiere: Arya Zappa’s “Goodbye”

Today, we’re fortunate to premiere the latest lyric video and track from Berlin art pop singer-songwriter Arya Zappa with “Goodbye”.

The follow-up to her most recent single “Words” (premiered by SonOfMarketing), “Goodbye” is minimal yet theatrical and hauntingly beautiful, characterized by darkly toned and plotted synths and Zappa’s brooding and androgynous vocals, full of subtle, evocative phrasing. When the song reaches the crescendos of the choruses, the song balloons with grandiosity and soars among the night sky with a dramatic flair not far removed from the glam works of Bowie’s early seventies output.


Single artwork of Arya Zappa’s “Goodbye”

Similarly to the song, its video is equally simple yet effective, featuring the lyrics over a black-and-white CRT TV-like image of a shack, which over the course of the song catches fire and erupts into a blazing inferno, burning down to the ground. This ties into the song’s theme of endings. While the video itself doesn’t get into this point, the song (particularly its chorus) implies that now that this run-down shack has been destroyed, a new one can be built in its place (a metaphor for both relationships and lives). Taking this into account, it takes on a bittersweet context, melding the sadness of losing something once held dear with the promise that something equally great might take its place.




Run, keep running

Have you been there before?

If life’s a game

What are you going to sow?


There’s so much I wanna do

And so little, little time

All the places I’m going

Where even crows couldn’t land


There’ll be time for you to start

All over again

And again


And for every hello

There’ll be goodbye

Goodbye, my friend


We don’t know about tomorrow

But we think

About it anyway


I’m wondering

If I was ever with you

Or just chased some better day


I close my eyes again

See places

Never seen


But I’ve been there

Many times

Walking on the edges

Of a dream


Arya Zappa’s “Goodbye” officially releases July 5th via Kobra Recordings. Be sure to follow Zappa on social media including her websiteFacebook, SoundCloud, and Instagram to keep up-to-date.

(Featured photo credit: Ivan Engler)

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