Track Premiere: Leaaves’ “This Is a Frozen House…”

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere “This Is a Frozen House, Captured Three Times, Exactly as It Was”, the latest track from New York-based ambient artist Leaaves and the full A-side to his upcoming third full-length album of 2019, Caught (following Death Metric on Orb Tapes and Unwanted on Asura Revolver).



“This Is a Frozen House…” opens with a light, airy ambiance while frosty synthesizers form sparkling layers on top like sheets of crystal clear ice. The gentle winter breeze gradually grows more dense, transforming into a thick, near impenetrable fog that envelops the piece. At this point, it’s still calm, soft, and peaceful: just more clouded, perhaps representative of blissful ignorance. However, as it progresses further, this sense of peace is warped and mutated into a sense of unease. The fog has lifted: not entirely, just enough to know something is wrong but not enough to make out what it is or make any informed decisions on what to do about it.

As the creeping loops fade, they soon re-emerge, though as something less anxious and more bittersweet: somber yet dulcet. It feels a bit like the point at a funeral where the atmosphere is subtly shifting from a mourning of death to a celebration of life. Eventually, the celebration takes over as brightly beaming tones melt away the ice and the sorrow. This too fades, however, and at the end, the cold winds stir once again, hinting at the cycle beginning again anew. The track as a whole seems to be representative of the ups and downs of life, the triumphs and tragedies, and how they need and feed off of each other to make up the the human experience.



Images of the cassette edition of Caught below:



‘Caught’ will be available to purchase from Feels So Reel or directly from Leaaves tomorrow, July 19th. Be sure to follow Leaaves on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud for further updates.

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