RyneShyne Session: The Be Colony

Hey! I’m Ryne, and I run/operate my own music session program & website ryneshyne.club in Lowell, MI. I work closely with lowellradio.org (WRWW) and LowellArts to book shows and events in addition to opening my own spaces Kargl Studios and Upstairs, Man Studios for filming. This is an archival session we recorded with The Be Colony last year at Kargl Studios, and the 15th session overall.


Get ready to groove down this jamming session! The Be Colony is a five-piece psych/rock/jam band from Fort Wayne, IN, and they have incredible talent. Whether it’s smooth baselines, ambient guitar, jazzy chords, droplet keyboard notes, or intense vocal harmonies: this band has it all. They came out to jam on Easter, which made that much more festive, and ever since I’ve been a huge fan. Lately they’ve been recording with analog tape, hanging with Dream Theater, and playing music festivals. Take a trip back in time with The Be Colony and Be.


RyneShyne Session with The Be Colony (recorded at Kargl Studios 4/1/2018, in Lowell, MI):


An Easter/April Fools interview with The Be Colony from Kargl Studios:


The Be Colony’s self-titled debut album, released this past May:


Music video for “Ghosts”:


The Be Colony’s webseries “Being the Colony”:


The Be Colony are set to support Salavadore Ross’ upcoming album release show at Blind Bob’s alongside Speaking Suns and Enzo this Friday, July 26. You can follow The Be Colony on their websiteFacebook, YouTube, and Instagram to keep up-to-date.

Flyer for The Be Colony’s upcoming show supporting Salvadore Ross’ album release at Blind Bob’s


Session available concurrently via RyneShyne.


Ryne Clarke is a songwriter and musician from Lowell, Michigan, with notable projects including The Ryne Experience and previously The Preservers. He also runs RyneShyne and the RyneShyne Sessions. Shyne On.

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