Track Premiere: Brother Adams’ “Waves”

Holland, Michigan psychedelic rock outfit Brother Adams is looking to make waves with their upcoming album Chatter out on the 30th of this month, and what better way to do so than to quite literally make “Waves”. Today, we’re happy to share the second single from the album, “Waves”.


Brother Adams (left to right: Bryce Driesenga, Jair Driesenga, Matthew Loveless

Brother Adams describes “Waves” as an “edgy answer to a summery sing-along anthem” and we’re inclined to agree, as the listener is immediately struck by guitar work that is simultaneously funky as well as shimmering clean and bright like a crystal clear ocean (or, perhaps early Two Door Cinema Club) courtesy of Bryce Driesenga. Brother Jair soon comes in with vocals, which might be the band’s most immediately gripping quality, especially on “Waves”. Whereas Chatter‘s lead single “Plastic Apples” wore the influence of Marc Bolan on its sleeve and merely flirted with the more unhinged and off-kilter approach of an Issac Brock, the opposite is true here, with Jair really leaning into the loose, dynamic performance during the song’s rambling, volume-shifting verses. If we were to make a more direct comparison between this song and another, we’d say “Waves” is likely deserving of being this summer’s “Float On”. They’re both quirky, obscenely catchy (the song’s main vocal hook “Gotta roll with puncheeeees / Gotta roll with the waves” has been on-repeat ad nauseum in our brains for weeks), and even share similar themes of going with the flow when the world does everything in its power to tear you down.


You can stream “Waves” below:


You can also watch the music video for the band’s debut single from Chatter, titled “Plastic Apples”, which the band describes as “Yellow Submarine-meets-Metal Guru-esque”:


Brother Adams’ ‘Chatter’ releases August 30th on Idle Idol Records. Be sure to follow Brother Adams on Facebook and Bandcamp to keep up-to-date with the band, including more singles and music videos leading into the album’s release.

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