Tape Review: SUN CORP。’s ‘シンクまたは溺れる / Displacement’


シンクまたは溺れる / Displacement

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Compiling two EPs from Singapore-based producer SUN CORP。, シンクまたは溺れる / Displacement features January 2019’s シンクまたは溺れる, as well as October’s Displacement. Both utilize the atmospheric potential of water as a giver and taker of life, the calm and horror it offers, in two contextually disparate situations.

On side A, we have シンクまたは溺れる, which translated into English is Sink or Drown. While the feelings this EP evokes aren’t as consistently morbid as the title might suggest, it’s not entirely inappropriate either. There’s a spaciousness to these tracks, as if they were a vast ocean you’ve been placed square in the middle of all on your lonesome, left to wade until a rescue that may never come. The sounds themselves then, both their composition and textures, are the waves: rarely aggressive enough to risk crashing you into the depths, but irregular enough to disrupt your rhythm, force you to adjust, and drain you of a bit of energy. “純真無垢” (“Pure”) washes over you with its gentle ambiance while its drums lock you into an odd groove. It’s a relaxing track: panic has yet to set in, but you still need to work to stay afloat. “ジャングルにようこそ” (“Welcome to the Jungle”) is a more anxious piece with its quick, skittering beat and electronics that buzz like a swarm of locusts: an omen of your imminent demise. “やけど” (“Burn”) is oddly cold and industrial, given its title, but the rough, grainy textures also sound as though they could be the sizzling of flesh as the sun beams down on the water and slowly cooks you. “日没” (“Sunset”) provides relief: it could be the literal sunset, sparing you from “Burn”, or it could be the acceptance of the sunset of your life, abandoning the struggle to not drown and allowing yourself to sink. Either way, it is the embrace of the flow of things and the coolness of the water.

On the flip side, we have Displacement. This EP is similarly ‘wet’, but rather than being surrounded by water at sea, this give more of an impression of skulking through a dingy cyberpunk city in the rain at night. Tracks such as “Displacement” and “Renew” move with a bit more purpose than the mood pieces of シンクまたは溺れる, with “Renew” being the closest thing to a dance track SUN CORP。offers on this tape with its fat synths and active yet steady rhythm. Meanwhile, “Wake” is the most apparently unsettling piece. It feels haunted, or like the ritual to summon a dreadful creature from another dimension. The creature is on the prowl in “Displacement”, hunting for victims. Rumbling bass builds tension, and an eerie vocal sample is the cry of those slain. If conscious distress towards the known inevitable was シンクまたは溺れる, Displacement is the terror and paranoia of the unknown.

A couple of great EPs that pair very well together in how they explore fear in its different forms.


Favorite tracks: “日没” (from シンクまたは溺れる), “Displacement”, (from Displacement)



Rating: Recommended


You can purchase SUN CORP。’s シンクまたは溺れる here and Displacement here. The cassette on each page is the same: side A features シンクまたは溺れる, while side B features Displacement.

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