Track Premiere: Twilight Rays’ “Moonlight”

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the latest track from Los Angeles shoegaze band Twilight Rays, “Moonlight”.


eric brendo
Eric Brendo (of Twilight Rays)


Twilight Rays, formerly The Asteroid Shop and brainchild of guitarist/vocalist/synth player Eric Brendo, come through with “Moonlight”, a gorgeous, shimmering piece of dreamy rock where guitars twinkle like stars in the night sky, the vocals are exhausted yet relaxed, and the melodies drift tranquilly. The lyrics suggest Brendo’s affinity for the night time, when the world is less busy and more peaceful, allowing him to calmly gather his thoughts (“Moonlight, help me out again”, “Moonlight, get me out of my head). There’s a hint towards the narrative taking place post a personal low, while still carrying the confidence that he can move forward positively with the moonlight as his adviser (“Here and now, I know we can’t go back / Gonna be alright, I’ll find my way again”). Towards the middle, the bridge picks up the tempo and rhythm while the guitars grow harsher, perhaps representative of a vigorous bout of self-reflection, before calming back down once more. An interesting side note: “Moonlight” features final tweaks from Simon Scott, drummer for the legendary Slowdive.


You can stream “Moonlight” below:


Twilight Rays’ “Moonlight” officially releases tomorrow, January 23. You can keep up-to-date with the band’s work by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

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