Video Premiere: Fern Mayo’s “Echo”

Today, we’re excited to premiere the new music video for “Echo”, from Brooklyn indie rocker Katie Capri, aka Fern Mayo.

Premiered by Stereogum last year, “Echo” is bottled-up emotion profusely spurting out after too much pressure has built up: verses leak out as tense, pained wails without pauses, words oscillating and bleeding into each other with no space to take a breath. In the phrasing, there’s an attempt at restraint, a desperation to keep the bottle plugged, but ultimately, it’s all for naught: when the chorus comes, the angst and frustration have come to a boil and are released as a run of wild, wordless howls: catharsis. The guitars similarly exist on the cusp of chaos: dreamlike, with an undercurrent of untamed, noisy violence ready to rear its head. 


Fern Mayo (‘Week of Charm’ album artwork; photo credit: Bao Ngo)


The video, directed by Emma Penrose, matches the mood of the track well. Through a filter of hazy grain, we watch Fern Mayo among nature, freely mingling with the elements: running her hands through fields of vibrant purple flowers and streams of clear, clean water. Elsewhere, she is shown standing with just her vocals and guitar, crying out like a wolf does to the moon. The film bubbles and tears as her voice does: raw and pure.


You can watch the video for Fern Mayo’s “Echo” below:




“Echo” comes from Fern Mayo’s album ‘Week of Charm’, available to purchase here. You can keep up-to-date with her work by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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