Track Premiere: Boy Romeo’s “Sophie”

Today, we’re delighted to premiere “Sophie”, the newest single from Chicago power pop act Boy Romeo.


Boy Romeo


The second single from Boy Romeo’s upcoming sophomore LP Pure Soul following “Let’s Roll”, “Sophie” is a bouncy and infectious pop tune with a dark but playful wit. The lyrics namely reference the tarot reading of the reversed seven of swords and the imminence of a big weight dragging the narrator down and danger entering his life, courtesy of the title character, as well as a meeting with “Mister Charming”. How it can all be read is malleable due to the nature of the tarot: the reverse seven of swords implies deception: regarding your own deception, it often means coming clean, but it could also indicate meeting someone who is deceptive. So: is the narrator the deceptive one, having already or about to deceive his partner by entering into an affair with Mister Charming? Has he been deceiving himself about his sexuality? Or is Mister Charming the deceptive one, and the narrator has simply had a choice encounter with a con man who will make a chaotic and negative impact upon his life? Regardless of which way you look at it, it’s leagues more knotted than the cheery, Broadway musical-like tone would initially imply. Boy Romeo themselves make a comparison of Pure Soul to A Hard Day’s Night, but we’re going to push the idea it’s more Elvis Costello’s Get Happy!!, clearly indebted to older styles of pop soul and R&B whilst weaving complex stories simply with a sharp pen.


You can listen to Boy Romeo’s “Sophie” below:


“Sophie” comes from Boy Romeo’s upcoming album ‘Pure Soul’, set for release on Z Tapes this Valentine’s Day, February 14 on digital and cassette. ‘Pure Soul’ is available to pre-order here now. Be sure to follow Boy Romeo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to keep up-to-date on the release.

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