EP Review: yosho’s ‘songs for yr myspace’


songs for yr myspace

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Dublin, California emo sadpunks yosho (not yoshi) open up the new decade with their most fully realized project to date with their EP songs for yr myspace, six economically written tunes filled with raw performances, self-loathing lyrics, and of course, a Nintendo reference or two.

“lil’ plicky” opens up the set, a new recording of an old tune featured on their 2018 EP wyd​!​?​? vol. 2, this version less blown out and noisy while still maintaining the same unprocessed energy. For those unaware, plicky can be a slang term to describe someone who is annoying, and the lyrics of the song touch upon feeling annoying, clingy, or unwanted, with vocalist Josh making reference to his “getaway” from a person he likely smothered with attention, then distanced himself from when he didn’t receive it back, making him feel like a bother and lamenting “[he] can never stop talking, he’d realize [he’s] sad”. The entirety of songs for yr myspace is very much a guitar based record, with “lil’ plicky” playing a clean, noodly lil’ riff off of crunchy, buzzing, distorted power chords to great effect.

“fvck roku” is something of an intended diss track, as Josh applied for an internship at Roku and was declined, but he ends up bashing himself instead, twisting himself up about being “useless” and “unproductive” now that he has nothing that needs doing. “zaboom” is more playful, yet still can’t escape a battle with low self-esteem: what begins as a cute and innocent invitation to play GameCube devolves into beating himself up for spending too much time on the computer, being a recluse, and not being a desirable partner. “tumblr gang” even sees yosho take things as far as succumbing to self-flagellation for an ego we’ve heard next to no signs of. It also features Josh’s best, most cathartic vocal performance, his rough, cracked screams of “Well, it’s fucking hard / To watch someone else / Living the life / You saw for yourself” an absolute gut punch. “mr. bump” revisits the defeatism of “lil’ plicky” regarding being “too talkative for [his] own good” and “never shut[ting] the fuck up when [he] know[s] [he] should”, with a bouncier melody and more comedic tone (“I’m abrasive / I’m grating at best / A grown adult who’d wear a Ninja Turtles sweatervest”)

The EP closes on its most downtrodden track, “bonus round”. Featuring a weary melody of chiming acoustic guitars, it only features two lines sporadically repeated throughout its three minutes and 40 seconds: “If you think that I’m lonely / Then maybe you know me / Better than myself” and “If I show my face again / In this town / I hope you kill me”.

songs for yr myspace is a pity party, no question about it. Nevertheless, it’s still a party, and generally a fun one, barring the intended relatable sucker punches scattered throughout and blatantly depressive “bonus round”. If yosho push towards longer releases in the future, they’ll likely want to switch things up just a bit more, but at a perfect length of 15 minutes, this is excellent material to power wallow to. I feel very sad and very seen right now.


Favorite track: “tumblr gang”


Rating: Recommended


You can pay-what-you-want for yosho’s songs for yr myspace here.

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