Track Premiere: Dead Friends’ “Molly”

Today, we’re stoked to premiere “Molly”, the new single from Edmonton garage-psych rockers Dead Friends.


Dead Friends

The debut single from the band’s upcoming 10-track LP set to release in early May on Houston label Wallflower Records, “Molly” is perhaps a more outwardly animated affair than Dead Friends’ past work while still maintaining the morose core characteristic of the Canadian rockers. While Dead Friends draw comparison between themselves and the likes of Oh Sees, Ty Segall, and The Growlers, we’re hearing more of a Ben R. Wallers (Country Teasers, The Rebel) vibe on “Molly”, in large part due to Jesse Ladd’s deep, drunken vocals, lyrical themes regarding disappointment (seemingly with regards to a titular Molly with whom he was infatuated with, but found “no spark, and no flame” once he successfully established a relationship with her), and a Western, country-tinged instrumental characterized by dried-out, buzzing ‘desert surf’ guitars. The lead melody is breezy in a way similar to the previously mentioned Costa Mesa band, but the sound itself is more raw and claustrophobic, even if organ plays a more downplayed role when compared to many of the songs featured on the band’s 2018 self-titled LP, spotlighted solely on the transition into the late instrumental bridge (though the moment’s impact is magnified due to the restraint). What is featured prominently, the guitars and Ellen Reade’s strong, steady drumming punctuated by quick fills leading into the chorus, is packed tightly into a dense force of controlled chaos, crafting an intensity that belies its melodic demeanor.


You can listen to “Molly” below:


“Molly” releases tomorrow, February 14, and comes from Dead Friends’ upcoming sophomore album to be released early May on Wallflower Records. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp to keep up-to-date with more news on the release.

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