Track Premiere: Santo Paul’s “Dia de Inocentes”

More Valentine’s Day premieres for you! We’re thrilled to share the debut single from Peruvian songwriter and producer Santo Paul, “Dia de Inocentes”.


santo paul
Santo Paul

“Dia de Inocentes” was composed on December 28 of last year, a day celebrated in Latin America similarly to April Fool’s Day, which plays into thematic nature of the song’s lyrics. Sung in Spanish, Santo Paul tells a story of two ‘friends with benefits’, where one falls in love and the other… doesn’t, with the title “Dia de Inocentes” relating to how their feelings played a cruel joke on them. The song’s sound falls within the area of a recent boom of alternative R&B/bedroom pop: artists such as Cuco and Tyler, the Creator are solid reference points, though not as hypnagogic as the former or as hazy as the latter’s IGOR. The slower, more lush productions on Flower Boy might be the best comparison, with Santo Paul’s shyly hushed mumbles backed by a deep mix of steady, relaxed drum claps, shifting electronics, bright, arpeggiated synths, and intermittent samples of shattering glass. It’s easy to sink into the track’s laid-back groove, just as it might be easy to enjoy the stress-free comfortability of the ‘friends with benefits’ relationship: until the glass shatters and what’s left is shock and a mess to clean up.


You can listen to “Dia de Inocentes” below:


“Dia de Inocentes” is out now and available to stream on Spotify. Be sure to follow Santo Paul on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date with his music.

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