Ranking Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Visitors

If you’ve been absolutely obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons like we have, you know about visitors: animals who don’t inhabit your island but come on occasion to provide a service for the day. With the exception of K.K. Slider and Daisy Mae (who arrive each Saturday and Sunday respectively and won’t be ranked here), they arrive randomly, and we’ve found ourselves hoping for certain visitors over others when we boot up each day, and the new 1.2 update has shaken things up considerably with the additions of Redd and Leif, as well as a nerf to a certain money-making mechanic.

Here are our rankings for the 10 randomly arriving Animal Crossing: New Horizons visitors.


10. Kicks


Our buddy Kicks unfortunately got the short end in New Horizons. First introduced in City Folk, he previously ran a shoe shop also named Kicks. In New Horizons, he still sells shoes, in addition to being the only way to purchase bags. While this may sound like an upgrade, unfortunately the Able Sisters now also sell shoes every day in greater variety, and the bags feel lackluster compared to many other visitor offerings. No New Horizons visitor is useless, but Kicks is the least useful.


9. Wisp


This ghostly goober, while adorable, just barely beats out Kicks. Wisp wanders at night and if you talk to him, he’ll get spooked and his essense will disappate across the island in the form of five smaller wisps you’ll need to collect with your bug net. Return to him with theses wisps and he’ll become whole again, as well as gift you an item: something new, or something ‘expensive-looking’. The latter can be decieving, as he’s not a great judge of cost. The former is nice, especially as it’s free, but these items are not exclusive to Wisp and you could end up getting something really lame that you intentionally passed up before. Still, you have a chance at getting something really cool, so he’s a slightly more welcome visitor than Kicks.


8. Label


Label, the third Able Sister, is a good visitor to have because she just gives you free stuff with basically no hassle. A fashion designer, Label will task you with putting together an outfit, but she’ll give you an article of clothing for free to get you started, and you put together the rest of the ensemble from there. She’s not a harsh judge in the slightest, but the better you do, the more Tailor’s Tickets you recieve, which can be traded in at the Able Sisters shop for free clothes. This is a cool and easy minigame that costs nothing and can net you quite a bit, so it’s nice to see Label parked in front of Resident Services.


7. Flick


Before the 1.2 update, Flick was easily the best visitor, but oh how things change.

Outside of Daisy Mae and her turnips, Flick’s 150% value buying price on bugs was the fastest way to make money in the game, and the most consistent, reliable, and player universal. Unlike fish, you can see exactly what you’re going after, and once you got some hybrid flowers, peacock butterflies would flutter about in swarms like slow moving bags of 3,750 Bells. Crafting your own Tarantula Islands made the profits even crazier. Unfortunately, the peacock butterfly spawn rate has been reduced 80-90% and tarantula spawns have been reduced by half, drying up the bug money well to a massive extent. The common bugs are worth essentially nothing and you can’t force spawn more bugs like you can with fish. Flick now might slightly edge out C.J. during summer bug-hunting season, but for the rest of the year, he now pales in comparison. Like C.J., he’ll also take commissions for models, but for bugs.


6. Gulliver


The perpetually shipwrecking Gulliver might seem like one of the less desirable visitors initially: he tasks you with digging up communicator parts so he can call his crew to pick him up and sends you an item through the mail the next day. His appeal slowly becomes more apparent once you realize these items come from a small list where every one is exclusive to the Gulliver quest, including awesome stuff like lucky cats, Moai statues, and pyramids. There are some less great ones as well, which is why he may be underwhelming at first, but you eventually hit the good stuff. Additionly, he’s your source of rusted parts, a resource needed to complete the robot hero. One rusted part will appear in the recycle box each day after you help Gulliver, but should you be a jerk and not return the communicator parts to Gulliver, each one will become a rusted part, up to five.


5. Leif 


Leif is an adorable little sloth dude originally introduced in New Leaf, where he ran a gardening center that eventually merged with the Nooklings’ shop. In New Horizons, he’s a visitor (at least for now), who visits to sell shrub-starts and flower seeds that you normally can’t acquire. As someone with pansies as their native flower and tulips and windflowers as their cycling Nook’s Cranny seeds, Leif selling cosmos so I can crossbreed en masse orange cosmos for Tangy’s orchard is a godsend. Shrubs also add a new element to exterior decor, and he also buys your weeds at double price (less useful as you should probably use them for hedges now, but hey). Plus, as a merchant, your island visitors can also make use of his services. He loses some luster once you get what you need though, as there aren’t tons of shrubs in season at a time and flowers propagate, which means once you get a couple of everything planted, you don’t need anymore.


4. C.J.


C.J. the otter will visit your island on occasion to buy your fish at 150% value, as well as take commissions for fish models you can place in your home, if you part with three of the fish in question. Up until recently, C.J.’s  was great, but not quite as great as his bug-crazed chameleon partner for a couple reasons: first, before he’ll buy your fish, he requires you to partake in a challenge where you must catch three fish of a specifized size in a row. This is generally easy but sometimes irritating. Second, you can’t tell what you’re going after. Big money fish are rare while sea bass and horse mackerel are plentiful: an extra 50% on those doesn’t amount to much. That said, after the 1.2 update nerf on bug spawns, C.J. is now far more reliable for beefing up your bank account than Flick, so he shoots up while Flick plummets down. Also, the fish models are way cooler than the bug ones.


3. Celeste


The arrival of Blathers’ sister Celeste always feel like a mini-event, showing up occasionally on clear nights to bestow upon the player a special DIY recipe. This is the only way to get star fragment recipes, which make up many of the game’s coolest items, and all of your friends can pick up a recipe from her, which is excellent. A simple visitor, but one of the best.


2. Saharah


This cutie camel has been around since game one and deals in wallpaper, flooring, and rugs. While rugs can be hit or miss, the bizarre wallpaper and flooring she offers make her one of the most fun visitors, providing even animated oddities to spruce up your home decor. She also offers a system where you can redeem tickets earned through buying rugs to get free additional mysterious wallpaper and flooring. These can’t be rebought or gifted, making them particularly special, and they’re completely random and thus very rare. Another merchant, every island visitor can buy from Saharah and earn tickets.


1. Redd


It’s not always about who’s the most useful, but the most fun. Jolly (formerly “Crazy”) Redd is a shady town visitor dating back to the series’ origins who deals in art: much of which consists in forgeries. Redd’s out to rip you off and laugh his way to the bank at your expense, but he’s also the only way to fill up the art gallery in the museum with classic paintings and statues to gawk at. The way this happens in New Horizons is that Redd will dock on your private beach with his dimly lit pirate ship filled with mostly counterfiet art. Once you’ve gained his trust, he’ll invite you aboard, where you’ll have to carefully examine the art in order to determine what’s real, as Redd will slip up and sell the genuine articles on occasion. If you purchase the real art, you’ll be able to bring it to Blathers for display at the museum. If not, hey, the forgeries are amusing to put up at your own place. This is one of New Horizons’ most interesting mechanics, and Redd one of the series’ most interesting characters as the only one to be outright bad, so this was a no-brainer.


Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments who your favorite visitor in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is!

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