About & Contact

Under the Counter is a project established late-2018 by Travis Shosa (me) with the purpose of providing another small avenue through which independent artists may have their art discovered, primarily by means of cassette releases on the Under the Counter Tapes record label and now this site, Counterzine, where I, along with contributors, will periodically write about particularly compelling independent art.

While initially a ‘cassette blog’ that shared the name of the label, Counterzine will continue to largely cover cassette releases while also expanding to other mediums such as film, gaming, wrestling, and more.

Submissions for review are open. Physical submissions will receive scored reviews barring a notable lack of quality or aesthetic cohesion with what the blog covers (I have no intention of publicly stomping on an independent artist’s work, and while I’m pretty open-minded, the blog is your friend in trying to figure out if your art will be a good fit). If you would like assurance that something is a good fit, email us and we’ll let you know. We figure all of this helps keep things personal and allows us to promote physical media (which is very important to us). If you send multiple physical releases at once, I will do my best to get around to them, but the most recent release will take priority. All physical submissions may be addressed to:

Under the Counter

19226 Senterra Lakes Blvd.

Spring, TX 77379


Digital submissions will also be considered for our Dishital Weekly feature (if there is no physical release available), premieres, interviews, and Album Auto-nalysis. Contributors may also do dedicated scored reviews of digital-only releases, but these will be up to their discretion. We do not do standard track/video shares unless they are premieres.

All digital submissions should be sent to underthecountertapes@gmail.com


-Travis Shosa