Our Favorite Blogs, Zines, Podcasts & Other Music Coverage Sources

As an independent musician or band, finding good coverage for your music can be an absolute nightmare. To hopefully make that nightmare a little less scary, Under the Counter has created a living ‘roll’ of music coverage resources who are unique, quality, and generally receptive to submissions. Some of these sources ARE on SubmitHub (a paid service that guarantees response), but we will NEVER include a source that does not accept normal, unpaid submissions as well. Some of these will obviously have their own preferences for coverage, whether it be genre, medium, or both. This list will be regularly updated as we ourselves explore and interact with more of the world of independent music sources, so keep checking back for more places to submit your music to. We will also do our best to remove sources that stop regularly covering music so as to make this list as easy to use as possible. We hope you will find this to be a valuable resource.


American Pancake

Andrulian’s Blog

B-sides and Badlands

Cassette Gods

Cereal and Sounds

Closed Captioned

Critical Masses

Emerging Indie Bands

Faster and Louder

For the Rabbits

Fuzzy Sun

Heatwave Magazine

Houdini Mansions

I Heart Noise

Letters From a Tapehead

Live Eye TV

Lost in a Sea of Sound


The Music Mermaid


Raised by Gypsies



Smashin’ Transistors


Various Small Flames

Wub-Fur Internet Radio/Wub-Blog

YACK! Magazine

Yeah I Know It Sucks